The Morgan County Sports Hall of Fame is a not-for-profit association dedicated to honoring those individuals prominent in the history of athletics in Morgan County. The Hall recognizes the timeless intertwining of sports into the fabric of the county's everyday life. This is the Hall's credo! The Hall is devoted to recognizing and honoring those athletic and support personnel who have made outstanding contributions through inspiring achievements in both professional and amateur sports while forever enriching the fans' memories.

As its mission the Hall is committed to:

  • Through enshrinement, honoring, recognizing those individuals who have careers as participants, coaches managers, owners, officials, and supporters.
  • Memorializing athletic venues of historical import.
  • Honoring organizations prominent in the Morgan County area for contributions to sports.
  • Identifying and recognizing those long-standing establishments that have served to enhance/support the sporting experience of fans.
  • Commemorate/define moments in the history of Morgan County sports.
  • Public edification by creating/establishing a permanent display of Hall of Fame Museum in the county.
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