About the Boys and Girls Clubs of Morgan County

The primary purpose of the Boys and Girls Clubs is to provide youth development programs that will enhance the quality of life for young people in Morgan County.

The Boys and Girls Clubs build good citizens through everyday leadership and guidance in behavior and attitude. Youth of all nationalities, races, creed, and socio-economic background are given the opportunity for wholesome recreation, companionship, and educational improvement. Most importantly our club members are taught that someone cares about them and wants them to become active, happy, and responsible citizens of their city, state, and nation.

We are pleased to be associated with "The Morgan Count Sports Hall of Fame" in honoring individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Morgan and Lawrence Counties

Mission Statement

The primary mission of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Morgan and Lawrence Counties is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Boys and Girls Club

Program Mission Statement

Programs are the ultimate for the existence of a Boys and Girls Club, so they are based on the needs and interest of the youth the Club serves. Our programs are more than activities. They build an interpersonal relationship between the staff and participants. Our programs also provide an avenue for the participants to gain new friends and experiences. The Boys and Girls Club of Morgan and Lawrence programs are guidance oriented. Our Club members are taught the values of developing positive relationships with others. Our Clubs are concerned with meeting the needs of boys and girls by helping them develop skills, attitudes, and aptitudes necessary for living in a complex society.

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