HOF Planning meeting outline

The following is the outline of the presentation given to the newly formed hall of fame committee by John Lee, Executive director of the Boys' Club of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Determine Interest Level

1. Select Test Group

2. Send Letter asking for response

3. Set initial meeting to discuss merit

4. Based on feedback make adjustment

Check Support of Newspaper

1. Set Meeting With Sports Editor/Staff Of Local Coverage

2. Share Feedback

3. Solicit Active Involvement

Initiate Information Session

1. Locate Resource With S.H.O.H. Experience

2. Ser Date And Time For A Training Session

3. Notify All Individuals Interested Of Training Program

4. Video Tape The Session If Possible

Form An Advisory Subcommittee Of The Board

1. Follow Articles Of Incorporation

2. Insure Understanding In Beginning That B&G C Is Sole Benefactor

Develop Logistics Of Induction

1. Establish Criteria For Selection

2. 2. Develop Method/Procedure For Nominations

3. Appoint A Selection Committee

• List all nominations

• Review merits of each nominee

• Determine maximum/minimum number to be inducted each year

• Determine years of each inductee

Recognition Format

1. Banquet Honoring Inductees

2. Display Area In A Public Place Honoring All Inductees

3. Commemorative Plaque Given To All Inductees Duplicated Plaque Will Be Displayed In A Public Place

4. Quality SHOF Logo Watch/Necklace To Each Inductee

5. Consider Local Newspaper Presenting Their Male/Female High School Area Athlete Of The Year Award At The Banquet

6. Inductees Receive Two Free Tickets To Banquet And First Choice Of Additional Tickets For Family/Friends At Regular Price

7. Consider Holding A Called Press Conference To Announce Inductees After The Selection Process Is Complete

8. Consider Holding A Called Press Conference And Reception To Introduce The Inductees Prior To The Banquet


  1. Determine Central Location For SHOF Banquet. This Selection Is Important Based On The Image You Want
  2. The More Seats The More Money. But Be Sure The Facility You Select Can Accommodate A Banquet The Size You Want

Master Of Ceremony And Guest Speaker

  1. M.C. Is Most Important To The Success Of The Banquet. Make Sure He/She Is Experienced
  2. Determine If You Need A Recognized Speaker. This Will Be A Large Cost Item. But May Be One Of The Most Important. Try To Find A Speaker Sponsor
  3. Appoint A Taskforce To Locate And Negotiate With Potential Speakers. If You Do Not Have A Speaker Sponsor, Try To Use Local Ties And Contacts For Reduced Prices

Ticket & Printing

  1. Determine Ticket Price To Induction Banquet
  2. Determine Ticket Distribution Plan
  3. Work With Local Sports Editor To Gather Background Information Of Inductees For Induction Printed Program Articles


  1. Make Sure Sports Editor Of Your Local Newspaper Is On Your SHOF Advisory Board. Feature Publications Of The Inductees, Guest Speaker. The SHOF Program And Public Display Area In The Sunday Edition Is Your Best Advertisement
  2. Develop An Organized Approach To Obtain And Keep Sponsors
    • Develop a potential sponsor list
    • Assign to board members based on contacts
    • Design a loose leaf book with laminated pictures that present the program
    • Video tape banquet, obtain enough copies for potential sponsors
    • Develop a sponsor incentive plan: two tickets at a choice table, full page ad in the SHOF program, plaque presented at annual meeting
    • Sponsor plaque on display with inductees plaques
    • Follow-up immediately after induction banquet with current sponsors

Board Requirements

  1. Obtain One Sponsor Per Year Per Member
  2. Maintain Previous Year Sponsors
  3. Sell A Minimum Of Two Banquet Tickets


  1. To Provide A Class Program That Provides The Club With Additional Revenue And Enhances Our Image In The Community

To promote the Morgan County Sports Hall of Fame (MCSHOF) and to motivate committee/board membership, in the following series of letter were sent to various interested citizens within the community.